Manufacturing Dojo

“Spirit”, “Technique” and “Physical strength” are necessary for manufacturing.

Why do I call our manufacturing training place ‘Dojo (an exercise hall) '? The reason is that I wanted to associate it with martial arts. Martial arts are said to give attention to spirit, technique and physical strength. In our “Dojo”, “Spirit” equals to “careful consideration to fellows and products, “Technique” equals to “Genba-ryoku and personal skill” and “Physical strength” equals to “a healthy mind and body”. I want every trainee to learn from various experiences in our Dojo as if he/she practices martial arts.

Takako's Genba-ryoku

Takako is a manufacturing company. Whatever happens, our business as a manufacturing company will not change. For a manufacturer, Genba-ryoku, empowerment faculty and sensibility in practice, should be considered as the first and foremost important factor. When I joined Takako some 20 years ago, this Genba-ryoku was very high because each machinist was just like a craftsman and highly skilled in taking full advantage of their machine tools to produce high quality parts. The background was many experts who trained younger workers very hard.

The Importance of OJT

Recently, when I look back on the past, I feel keenly how happy I am to have been trained by and worked with such skilled workers. It was a real OJT given by such craftsmen. I should add that Mr. Minami, president, had been severely trained by them those days. When I compare the current production site with the past one, I feel a great sense of crisis. What current workers inherited from their senior workers is nothing but the manufacturing motion with cutting tools and processing jigs only under the cutting condition and processing program invented by senior workers. Not many of them manufacture based on theory or reason. I believe Dojo will give trainees an opportunity to learn and experience through the process of trial and error. I hope those who learn here will be a great help for the future of Takako.

Education and Training in Our Manufacturing Dojo

Manufacturing Dojo
Manufacturing Dojo
Ribbon cutting at the April 2009 opening ceremony Inside the dojo Practical training on a general milling machine
Practical training on a general lathing machine Product inspection by the teacher Review, question, and training session