Proposal-oriented company

Stick to develop original “manufacturing methods” that nobody can imitate

Ever since the foundation of our company, we’ve been sparing effort on developing original manufacturing methods that nobody can imitate.

When a drawing is given from a customer for quotation, we make and propose our original drawing that can be realized only from our production method. That’s how we have been able to provide high-quality products at a reduced cost than expected.

Our machine tools are the key for our originality. They are either creatively designed or custom-made by machine tool manufactures based on our know-how.

Proposal-oriented company we are aspiring to be

1 Never say "we can't" towards our customers’ technical, cost and delivery requirements.2 Propose QCD that satisfies customers using original manufacturing method, manufacturing technology and global network. 3 Extend our product line into a new field and make proposal that is highly advantageous to our customers. 4 Keep trying to develop and manufacture products that can contribute to society.

Three schemes to realize our proposal

We devote ourselves to the fields of manufacture technology, quality assurance and product development in order to flexibly meet customers’ needs.     Product development Quality assurance Manufacturing technology Manufacturing technology quality assurance product development