Takako's quality assurance

Since establishment, Takako has kept improving quality with a keyword “Provide 100% non-defective products to customers”.

In order to be trusted from customers more, from now on, we start to change a system from one which prevents the flow of defective products to one which enables non-defective products production only using new method such as quality safety declaration, three-step evaluation, etc with a keyword “aggressive quality assurance”.

In-line quality assurance

With “quality safety declaration” method performed before the start of mass production, Takako has a system to assure quality of process in line and products by controlling quality based on FMEA based process design and capability in each process from material input to process in line and complete product.

Quality visualization

By visualizing quality level using control chart and automatic measurement devices, Takako is monitoring normal status and preventing anomaly.

Three-step evaluation

Takako is using “Three-step evaluation” method for new product launch. Three-step evaluation is to evaluate quality from development to mass production start through three steps consistently in order to assure product quality. The step is DR0⇒DR1⇒DR2. Completion of “quality safety declaration” is necessary in DR2 step evaluation. Takako's products mass-produced with this three-step evaluation method are evaluated for its high quality in the market.

<Three-step evaluation>
•DR0    Verification step of product
•DR1    Verification step of mass production
•DR2    Verification step of quality in mass production

Quality assurance step to mass production