Precision Machined Parts

Hydraulic Equipment Parts
Hydraulic equipment parts thanks to tireless technological innovation
Precision Machined Parts

Hydraulic equipment is vital in modern machines that use mechanisms needing large amounts of power, such as construction equipment, machine tools, and vehicles, and this equipment needs ultra-precise strong parts.
In the field of precision equipment, Takako is recognized worldwide for our reliability and our precision manufacturing methods nurtured as a hydraulics equipment parts manufacturer. Worldwide we manufacture 20 million piston assemblies, the heart of axial piston pumps, with a domestic share of 80% and overseas share of 65%.

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Ball Welding Parts
Ball welding parts made possible by hydraulic equipment parts processing technology
Ball Welding Parts

Technology that welds steel balls in 1/60th a second allows us to maintain precision and strength while providing low costs. There are no cracks in the welds, and none of the burrs seen in friction welding as well.
Takako's ball welding holds enormous trust in the hydraulic equipment parts industry, as well as automotive parts and a wide assortment of other industries.

Examples of Use in Hydraulic Equipment
Examples of Use in the Hydraulic Equipment Market