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Compact HST (Hydrostatic Transmission)

A small, lightweight, high efficiency single unit 5cc HST
Compact HST (Hydro Static Transmission)
  • Adopting a spherical valve plate offers them high efficiency at both low and high speeds, and a superior contamination resistance.
  • Lightweight thanks to aluminum case.
  • Micro design allows it easily to be installed on even small machines.
  • Can be equipped with a surge cut valve to protect the HST during high loads.
Basic Specifications
Pump Motor Max. Input Rotation
Displacement(cm³) Swashplate Angle(°) Displacement(cm³) Swashplate Angle(°)
5.0 0~±13.5 5.0 13.5 3000
Max. Working Pressure(MPa) Max. Output Torque
Surge Cut Valve
Weight(kg) Oil Viscosity
12.5 10 20~25 2.4 32 or 46
Basic Performance Graph
Compact HST Catalog
Compact HST Catalog PDF(843KB)

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