Procurement information

Procurement Basic principle

We are offering a fair business chance to suppliers regardless of domestic or abroad.
Supplier decision is fairly made by conditions such as management reliability, quality assurance system, cost competitiveness, lead-time, etc

Procurement policy

1. Local procurement fluctuate
In order to drive optimum procurement forward, we increase local procurement ratio of each production location, establish trust relationship with local suppliers and a structure to respond to market situation change which would be fluctuate more in the future.

2. Global procurement
Under the situation market competition is getting tougher, drive procurement from global suppliers for cost reduction. Not only low cost parts procurement, we procures based on management strategy, too.

3.Promotion of final product purchase
We are looking for partners to supply finished or semi-finished products in order to reduce processes and achieve a more competitive price.

Major procurement item list
Large classification Middle classification
Material/ Raw material Steel
Complete parts purchase From raw material to finish process
Manufacturing consignment Cutting
Surface finishing
Tooling production
Perishable tools Cutting tool
Grinding stone
Grinding material
Others Oil
Packing material
Operation tool
Procurement topics
Shiga plant

·We are looking not for a process supplier, but for a complete parts supplier.
(Ex. Cutting⇒Surface finish⇒Grind, etc)

Vietnam plant

·Specialized cutting tool, Chip breaker, Drill
·Mounted grinding stone
·Aluminum die-cast, Casting

U.S.A. plant

·Specialized cutting tool, Chip breaker, Drill
·Specialty high-strength brass
·Specialty steel